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From S Ahmed <>
Subject is there a key to sstable index file?
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 20:53:58 GMT
Since SSTables are mutable, and they are ordered, does this mean that there
is a index of key ranges that each SS table holds, and the value could be 1
more sstables that have to be scanned and then the latest one is chosen?

e.g. Say I write a value "abc" to CF1.  This gets stored in a sstable.

Then I write "def" to CF1, this gets stored in another sstable eventually.

How when I go to fetch the value, it has to scan 2 sstables and then figure
out which is the latest entry correct?

So is there an index of key's to sstables, and there can be 1 or more
sstables per key?

(This is assuming compaction hasn't occurred yet).

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