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From "" <>
Subject R: Data disappear immediately after reading?
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 20:36:53 GMT
Sorry I forgot to tell

Apache Cassandra 1.07 on Ubuntu 10.04
The data that are disappearing are not Counters but common Rows

>----Messaggio originale----
>Data: 24/07/2013 22.34
>A: <>
>Ogg: Data disappear immediately after reading?
>Hi all, 
>I know the subject is not saying much but this is what I'm experiencing now 
>with my cluster.
>After some years without any problem now I'm experiencing problems with 
>counters but, the most serious problem, is data loss immediately after a 
>I have some webservices that I use to query data on Cassandra but in the 
>month happened 2 times the following problem: I call my WS, it shows data. I 
>refresh the page -- data are no more available! I can call then 200 times 
>WS but I won't see data anymore ... today my colleague experienced the same 
>problem. The WS are ABSOLUTELY read only on the DB and there are no write to 
>erase these data. Anyone understand wth is going on? I have no idea but most 
>all I don't know how to fix.
>Any help would really be appreciated.
>Kind Regards,

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