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From 杨辉强 <>
Subject Re: Deletion use more space.
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 10:20:28 GMT
Thank you!
It should be "update column family ScheduleInfoCF with gc_grace = 3600;"

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发件人: "杨辉强" <>
发送时间: 星期二, 2013年 7 月 16日 下午 6:15:12
主题: Re: Deletion use more space.

  I use the follow cmd to update gc_grace_seconds. It reports error! Why?

[default@WebSearch] update column family ScheduleInfoCF with gc_grace_seconds = 3600;
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum const class org.apache.cassandra.cli.CliClient$ColumnFamilyArgument.GC_GRACE_SECONDS

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发件人: "Michał Michalski" <>
发送时间: 星期二, 2013年 7 月 16日 下午 5:51:49
主题: Re: Deletion use more space.

Deletion is not really "removing" data, but it's adding tombstones 
(markers) of deletion. They'll be later merged with existing data during 
compaction and - in the end (see: gc_grace_seconds) - removed, but by 
this time they'll take some space.


W dniu 16.07.2013 11:46, 杨辉强 pisze:
> Hi, all:
>    I use cassandra 1.2.4 and I have 4 nodes ring and use byte order partitioner.
>    I had inserted about 200G data in the ring previous days.
>    Today I write a program to scan the ring and then at the same time delete the items
that are scanned.
>    To my surprise, the cassandra cost more disk usage.
>     Anybody can tell me why? Thanks.

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