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From Tony Anecito <>
Subject Cassandra intermittant with query in 1.2.5...
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2013 05:57:09 GMT
Hi All,
I better understand the issue now with secondary index query and Cassadra 1.2.5. not returnng
I did some more testng of the issue mentioned below and discovered a very repeatable sequence
and it is as follows:
1. Starting state query running with caching off for a Column Family with the query using
the secondary index for te WHERE clause.
2, Set Column Family caching to ALL using Cassandra-CLI and update CQL. Cassandra-cli Describe
shows column family caching set to ALL
3. Rerun query and it works.
4. Restart Cassandra and run query and no rows returned. Cassandra-cli Describe shows column
family caching set to ALL
5. Set Column Family caching to NONE using Cassandra-cli and update CQL. Rerun query and no
rows returned. Cassandra-cli Describe for column family shows caching set to NONE.
6. Restart Cassandra. Rerun query and it is working again. We are now back to the starting
I hope someone can tell me why Cassandra is doing this. Is there someing I need to do so that
when I set caching to ALL for my column table and I stop-start Cassandra the query still works?

From: Tony Anecito <>
To: Users-Cassandra <> 
Sent: Saturday, July 6, 2013 7:08 PM
Subject: Query problem resolved...

Hi All,

Had problems with prepared statements not working with Datastax driver and JDBC driver. I
discovered that when changing indexes yoy need to change column family caching from All to
None then back again. Problem is sometimes CLI crashes when you do that and you need to run
it again. I think I also had to restart Cassandra also. There was someone saying they were
having intermittant problems with queries and Cassandra and now I think I know why. Also,
when changing from IntegerType to Int32Type ran into indexoutofbounds issue when getting rows
from resultset. Once I changed back to IntegerType I was fine. I suspect when I loaded up
data as IntegerType it caused the problem with retrieving the rows.

Took me a couple of evenings to get this figured out but now I have to deside about my data
model before I start converting databases to Cassandra. I have around seven to do and will
check statibility for each one at a time by runnng one several weeks before converting another.

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