Hi all,

I'm experiencing very similar effects. Did you (or anyone for that matter) have/solve this issue?

I have a 3 node cluster with vnodes having the same #tokens (256). In fact, all nodes are configured identical and share similar/same hardware. Cassandra.yaml settings are fairly standard - nothing fancy.

According to "nodetool status" command everything is perfectly balanced. Running "cassandra-stress -d node_ip1,node_ip2,node_ip3" causes a heavy load on node_ip1, while
node_ip2/3 are almost idle. Data, however, seems to be distributed evenly. I even get "UnavailableException" for some keys to be inserted on node_ip1.

I also tried a second run with the scheduling set to "roundrobin" and made use of the standard "throttling option". Unfortunately, nothing changed.

Could someone please provide some pointers and/or insights what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks so much!