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From "Hiller, Dean" <>
Subject Re: Unit Testing Cassandra
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 12:53:03 GMT
For unit testing, we actually use PlayOrm which has an in-memory version of nosql so we just
write unit tests against our code which uses the in-memory version but that is only if you
are in java.

From: Shahab Yunus <<>>
Reply-To: "<>" <<>>
Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 6:46 AM
To: "<>" <<>>
Subject: Re: Unit Testing Cassandra

Thanks Stephen for you reply and explanation. My bad that I mixed those up and wasn't clear
enough. Yes, I have different 2 requests/questions.

1) One is for the unit testing.

2) Second (in which I am more interested in) is for performance (stress/load) testing. Let
us keep integration aside for now.

I do see some stuff out there but wanted to know recommendations from the community given
their experience.


On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 3:15 AM, Stephen Connolly <<>>
Unit testing means testing in isolation the smallest part.

Unit tests should not take more than a few milliseconds to set up and verify their assertions.

As such, if your code is not factored well for testing, you would typically use mocking (either
by hand, or with mocking libraries) to mock out the bits not under test.

Extensive use of mocks is usually a smell of code that is not well designed *for testing*

If you intend to test components integrated together... That is integration testing.

If you intend to test performance of the whole or significant parts of the whole... That is
performance testing.

When searching for the above, you will not get much luck if you are looking for them in the
context of "unit testing" as those things are *outside the scope of unit testing"

On Wednesday, 19 June 2013, Shahab Yunus wrote:

Can anyone suggest a good/popular Unit Test tools/frameworks/utilities out
there for unit testing Cassandra stores? I am looking for testing from performance/load and
monitoring perspective. I am using 1.2.

Thanks a lot.


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