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From Fabien Rousseau <>
Subject Re: Performance issues with CQL3 collections?
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2013 08:48:03 GMT

I'm pretty sure that it's related to this ticket :

I'd be happy if someone tests this patch.
It should apply easily on 1.2.5 & 1.2.6

After applying the patch, by default, the current implementation is still
used, but modify your cassandra.yaml to add the following one :
interval_tree_provider: IntervalTreeAvlProvider

(Note that implementations should be interchangeable, because they share
the same serializers and deserializers)

Also, please note that this patch has not been reviewed nor intensively
tested... So, it may not be "production ready"


2013/6/26 Theo Hultberg <>

> Hi,
> I've seen a couple of people on Stack Overflow having problems with
> performance when they have maps that they continuously update, and in
> hindsight I think I might have run into the same problem myself (but I
> didn't suspect it as the reason and designed differently and by accident
> didn't use maps anymore).
> Is there any reason that maps (or lists or sets) in particular would
> become a performance issue when they're heavily modified? As I've
> understood them they're not special, and shouldn't be any different
> performance wise than overwriting regular columns. Is there something
> different going on that I'm missing?
> Here are the Stack Overflow questions:
> yours,
> Theo

Fabien Rousseau

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