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From Shankaranarayanan P N <>
Subject D-Tunes - a tool for replica configuration in multi-DC Cassandra deployments
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2013 18:53:57 GMT

We are excited to announce the release of our tool, D-Tunes, which
helps application developers configure replication in geo-distributed
datastores like Cassandra. D-Tunes is a research prototype that we
have developed at the Internet System Laboratory (ISL) at Purdue
University, and is part of our overall effort on architecting latency
sensitive web applications for the cloud.

D-Tunes helps application developers configure replication parameters
like number of replicas, location of replicas and quorum parameters in
the best possible way to ensure that application constraints like low
latency, stronger consistency and availability can be met. While the
underlying techniques are general, the current release of D-Tunes
targets Cassandra deployments on Amazon EC2 given the popularity of
these platforms. Our tool could also be useful for estimating the
response latency that can be expected if a single data-center
deployment of Cassandra were migrated to a geographically distributed
multi-region setup.

The current version of D-Tunes can be used from the web-portal here:

We would love to hear any feedback, questions or suggestions that you
might have for us, which will be immensely helpful to us in guiding
our research, and developing the next versions of D-Tunes. Please use
the feedback form on the web-site, or email as at

D-Tunes Project Team
Internet Systems Lab,
Purdue University.

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