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From Amresh Kumar Singh <>
Subject TTL can't be speciefied at column level using CQL 3 in Cassandra 1.2.x
Date Wed, 19 Jun 2013 09:40:58 GMT

Using Thrift, we are allowed to specify different TTL values for each columns in a row.

But CQL3 doesn't provide a way for this.

For instance, this is allowed:
INSERT INTO users (user_name, password, gender, state)  VALUES ('xamry2, 'aaaaaa', 'm', 'UP')
using TTL 50000;

But something like this is not achievable:
INSERT INTO users (user_name, password, gender, state)  VALUES ('xamry' using TTL 33333, 'aaaaaa'
using TTL 4444, 'm' using TTL 1111, 'UP' using TTL 6666);

Why is such inconsistency. Should we not be able to achieve this using CQL looking at the
fact that CQL usage is encouraged as a replacement for Thrift.



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