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Subject Patterns for enabling Compute apps which only request Local Node's
Date Sun, 30 Jun 2013 08:48:47 GMT

Hello Cassandra-user ml, how is everyone?

Question; if we're co-locating our Cassandra and our compute application on the same nodes,
are there any in-use
patterns in Cassandra user (or Cassandra dev) applications for having the compute application
only pull data off the
localhost Cassandra process? If we have the ability to manage where we do compute, what options
are there for keeping
compute happening on local data as much as possible? 

In the best case I can imagine:

If I have a KeyRange for a ColumnParent, there would be some way to know I'm going to fulfil
that scan while only having
each node pull it's own local data (achieve read consistency via digest).

If it helps, I'd be glad to entertain options that only worked when using virtual nodes.


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