The binary protocol is able to multiplex multiple requests using a single connection, which can lead to much better performance (similar to HTTP vs SPDY). This is without comparing the performance of thrift vs binary protocol, which I assume the binary protocol would be faster since it is specialized for cassandra requests.

On Sun, May 5, 2013 at 12:14 PM, Renato Marroquín Mogrovejo <> wrote:
Hey Shamim,

Why do you say that Java-Driver has better performance over Hector or
Astyanax? Is there any reasons for this?

Renato M.

2013/5/5 Shamim <>:
> Hi,
>   Astyanax is just a refactoring of Hector and implements a few common cassandra use cases. Very easy to use api. In Astyanax you will found all the functions from hector. For better performance you can also check datastax java driver
> There are another lightweight client from twitter
> --
> Best regards
>   Shamim A.
> 05.05.2013, 05:30, "李 晗" <>:
>> hello,
>> i want to know which cassandra client is better?
>> and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
>> thanks

Derek Williams