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From "Hiller, Dean" <>
Subject found the issue on bootstrap streaming hang
Date Fri, 24 May 2013 15:04:12 GMT
For anyone else that might be interested, when the stream hangs, there is no exceptions around
that time frame as to what exactly happened and why it hung(there is an exception just not
informative at all).  We did find other exceptions that we "thought" were unrelated though
days before.  We found a corrupt sstable exception and took the file name and it happened
to be the same file name of the file that it was hung on.  We then tried to mv the file and
got a Input/Output Error so now we know something is really wrong and could be a hardware
issue(which is sad since this hardware is not even a year old yet).

Anyways, I hope that helps someone else out.  Bootstrapping a node does not fair well if one
of the nodes has corrupt sstables which is funny as I thought it should just read from one
of the other nodes on failure……(anyway to tell a node to bootstrap from a different node?)

Should I file a ticket on this as I think you should be able to reproduce by somehow making
a corrupt sstable file or something to see the bootstrap process hang instead of flip to reading
from another node to get the data or is that not possible(I don't have enough context on whether
this should be a ticket or not).


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