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From Keith Wright <>
Subject write time of CQL3 set items
Date Thu, 23 May 2013 15:18:57 GMT
Hi all,

    I am using C* 1.2.4 with CQL3 and am taking advantage of the new collection support. 
One usage case I have is that I want a set of text and I need to know the time when each item
in the set was written.  If I understand CQL3 correctly, the underlying data engine utilizes
composites for sets and maps (where sets are just maps with no values).  I was hoping that
I could store my text items as a set and then somehow get the write time of each item via
WRITETIME.  Instead it appears that I need to use a map of TEXT to TIMESTAMP which will increase
my data set.  Does anyone know I way I could expose the write time of set items?


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