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From "Hiller, Dean" <>
Subject bootstrapping a new node...
Date Tue, 21 May 2013 14:23:18 GMT
We are using 1.2.2 cassandra and have rolled on 3 additionals nodes to our 6 node cluster(totalling
9 so far).  We are trying to roll on node 10 but during the streaming a compaction kicked
off which seemed very odd to us.  "nodetool netstats" still reported tons of files that were
not transferred yet.  Is this normal that compaction might kick off during bootstrapping a
new node.  Our node still says "Joining" in "nodetool netstats" as well.  The ring does not
show the new node yet either.  Lastly, "nodetool netstats" reports 0% on EVERY single file
and this doesn't seem to change.  The bootstrap node seems hung so a few questions

 1.  Is compaction supposed to go off during a bootstrapping node?
 2.  I seem to recall a bootstrap node setting in cassandra.yaml but that was not one of the
steps I recall in the datastax docs we went off of……in 1.2.2, is there any setting we
need to set for a bootstrapping node that we missed(our other nodes joined just fine though
and seem to be working great).
 3.  What can I do to get this node to start streaming files again …can I just reboot the
cassandra or should I start from scratch somehow?
 4.  IF I need to start from scratch, I assume I a) stop the node, b) wipe commitlog and data
directories, c) start the node back up.  Would that be correct?  After all, the other nodes
don't seem to know about this new node according to "nodetool ring" command.

Thanks for any help on this one,

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