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From Robert Wille <>
Subject Re: Iterating through large numbers of rows with JDBC
Date Sun, 12 May 2013 14:51:46 GMT
Iterating through lots of records is not a primary use of my data.
However, there are a number scenarios where scanning the entire contents
of a column family is an interesting and useful exercise. Here are a few:
removal of orphaned records, checking the integrity a data set, and

On 5/12/13 3:41 AM, "Oleg Dulin" <> wrote:

>On 2013-05-11 14:42:32 +0000, Robert Wille said:
>> I'm using the JDBC driver to access Cassandra. I'm wondering if its
>> possible to iterate through a large number of records (e.g. to perform
>> maintenance on a large column family). I tried calling
>> Connection.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY,
>> ResultSet.CONCUR_READ_ONLY), but it times out, so I'm guessing that
>> cursors aren't supported. Is there another way to do this, or do I need
>> use a different API?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Robert
>If you feel that you need to iterate through a large number of rows
>then you are probably not using a correct data model.
>Can you describe your use case ?
>Oleg Dulin
>NYC Java Big Data Engineer

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