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From Todd Fast <>
Subject Announcing Mutagen
Date Fri, 17 May 2013 05:22:08 GMT
Mutagen Cassandra is a framework providing schema versioning and mutation
for Apache Cassandra. It is similar to Flyway for SQL databases.

Mutagen is a lightweight framework for applying versioned changes (known as
mutations) to a resource, in this case a Cassandra schema. Mutagen takes
into account the resource's existing state and only applies changes that
haven't yet been applied.

Schema mutation with Mutagen helps you make manageable changes to the
schema of live Cassandra instances as you update your client software, and
is especially useful when used across development, test, staging, and
production environments to automatically keep schemas updated.

This is a minimal but functional initial release, and I appreciate bug
reports, suggestions and pull requests.


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