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From horschi <>
Subject Re: (unofficial) Community Poll for Production Operators : Repair
Date Wed, 15 May 2013 09:33:40 GMT
Hi Alain,

have you had a look at the following tickets?

CASSANDRA-4905 - Repair should exclude gcable tombstones from merkle-tree
CASSANDRA-4932 - Agree on a gcbefore/expirebefore value for all replica
during validation compaction
CASSANDRA-4917 - Optimize tombstone creation for ExpiringColumns
CASSANDRA-5398 - Remove localTimestamp from merkle-tree calculation (for

Imho these should reduce the over-repair to some degree. Especially when
using TTL. Some of them are already fixed in 1.2. The rest will (hopefully)
follow :-)


On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 10:27 AM, Alain RODRIGUEZ <>wrote:

> Rob, I was wondering something. Are you a commiter working on improving
> the repair or something similar ?
> Anyway, if a commiter (or any other expert) could give us some feedback on
> our comments (Are we doing well or not, whether things we observe are
> normal or unexplained, what is going to be improved in the future about
> repair...)
> I am always interested on hearing about how things work and whether I am
> doing well or not.
> Alain

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