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From Jiaan Zeng <>
Subject how to handle join properly in this case
Date Sat, 25 May 2013 22:22:00 GMT
Hi Experts,

We have tables (a.k.a. column family) A and B. The row of the table is
simply a key value pair. Table A and B are written by clients all the
time.  We need to transform the row key of table A and B according to
a set of rules, join these two tables and save the results to table C
for read.

1) Schema like this is very close to a schema in SQL. We mainly want
to separate read and write operations by different column families. Is
this a correct way to model the join in Cassandra?

2) If the rules change a little bit, which is quite possible, we will
have to drop table C, and recompute the join result, which seems to be
cumbersome because not all the join results need to be changed, just
some of them. Are there any better ways to handle such change?

Thanks a lot.


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