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From Chandana Tummala <>
Date Wed, 29 May 2013 14:05:25 GMT
Hi Team,

I am using datastax cassandra community edition version(1.2.4) with three
node cluster using property file snitch .
I have created a keyspace with network topology strategy with replication
factor 3 for the datacentres.
topology properties file is something like this

I am using composite column family
for inserting i have used 
insert into tablename (a,b,c,d) values (1,2,3,4) using consistency QUORUM
for select i have used 
select * from tablename using consistency QUORUM 
i am getting error while using CONSISTENCY

*Bad Request: line 1:24 missing EOF at 'USING'*

but for the datastax cassandra enterprise edition version(3.0)  the same
thing is working
can you please suggest  if we are taking any thing wrong.
i had checked all the CQL3 reference guides the syntax is same what i have
used .
could you please help with this.

Chandana Tummala.

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