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From aaron morton <>
Subject Re: Multiple cursors
Date Thu, 16 May 2013 23:51:07 GMT
We don't have cursors in the RDBMS sense of things.

If you are using thrift the recommendation is to use connection pooling and re-use connections
for different requests. Note that you can not multiplex queries over the same thrift connection,
you must wait for the response before issuing another request. The native binary transport
allows multiplexing though. 

In general you should use one of the pre build client libraries as they will take care of
connection pooling etc for you

Aaron Morton
Freelance Cassandra Consultant
New Zealand


On 16/05/2013, at 9:03 AM, Sam Mandes <> wrote:

> Hello All,
> Is using multiple cursors simultaneously on the same C* connection a good practice?
> I've an internal api for a project running thrift, I then need to query something from
C*. I do not like to create a new connection for every api request. Thus, when my service
initially starts I open a connection to C* and with every request I create a new cursor.
> Thanks a lot

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