Hi, I tried to delete some columns using cql2 as well as thrift on C*1.2.2 and instead of being unreachable, deleted columns have a null value.

I am using no value in this CF, the only information I use is the existence of the column. So when I select all the column for a given key I have the following returned:

 1228#16857 | 1228#16866 | 1228#16875 | 1237#16544 | 1237#16553
             null |              null |             null |                     |

This is quite annoying since my app thinks that I have 5 columns there when I should have 2 only.

I first thought that this was a visible marker of tombstones but they didn't vanish after a major compaction.

How can I get rid of these null/ghost columns and why does it happen ?