A repair on a certain CF will fail, and I run it again and again, eventually it will succeed.
How does it fail?

Can you see the repair start on the other node ? 
If you are getting errors in the log about streaming failing because a node died, and the FailureDetector is in the call stack, change the phi_convict_threshold. You can set it in the yaml file or via JMX on the FailureDetectorMBean, in either case boost it from 8 to 16 to get the repair through. This will make it less likely that a node is marked as down, you probably want to run with 8 or a little bit higher normally. 


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I have a cluster with 4 nodes, 2 nodes in 2 data centers. I had a hardware failure in one DC and had to replace the nodes. I'm running 1.2.3 on all of the nodes now. I was able to run nodetool rebuild on the two replacement nodes, but now I cannot finish a repair on any of them. I have 18 column families, if I run a repair on a single CF at a time, I can get the node repaired eventually. A repair on a certain CF will fail, and I run it again and again, eventually it will succeed.

I've got an RF of 2, 1 copy in each DC, so the repair needs to pull data from the other DC to finish it's repair.

The problem seems to be that the merkle tree request sometimes is not received by the node in the other DC. Usually when the merkle tree request is sent, the nodes that it was sent to start a compaciton/validation. In certain cases this does not happen, only the node that I ran the repair on will begin compaction/validation and send the merkle tree to itself. Then it's waiting for a merkle tree from the other node, and it will never get it. After about 24 hours it will time out and say the node in question died.

Is there a setting I can use to force the merkle tree request to be acknowledged or resent if it's not acknowledged? I setup NTPD on all the nodes and tried the cross_node_timeout, but that did not help.

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