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From Marko Asplund <>
Subject Re: DB Change management tools for Cassandra?
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2013 05:57:58 GMT
John Sanda wrote:
> I had cobbled together a solution using Liquibase and the Cassandra JDBC
> driver. I started implemented it before the CQL driver was announced. The
> solution involved a patch and some Liquibase extensions which live at
> The patch will go into
> the 3.0 release of Liquibase. I developed the extensions against the 2.x
> code base. Changes were introduced for Liquibase 3.0 that broken the
> extensions I developed. At that point I decided to pursue a simpler
> solution (though I think Liquibase is a great tool for relational
> databases). Please update the list with any efforts as I am definitely
> interested!

thanks John!

So, did I understand correctly that you've discontinued developing
your extension, but that your patch will go into Liquibase 3.0, right?
Will the patch add some support for Cassandra database change
management in Liquibase that's usable by developers or is it just for
being able to create Cassandra extensions for Liquibase?

What kind of approach did you take with the simpler solution?

I also came across the following Liquibase Cassandra extension:

Anyone have experience with this one?


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