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From Philippe <>
Subject Re: SSTables not opened on new cluste
Date Tue, 30 Apr 2013 21:08:48 GMT
Hi Aaron,
thanks for the response.

Permissions are correct : owner is cassandra (ubuntu) and permissions
are drwxr-xr-x

When I created the schema, the KS were created as directory in the
.../data/ directory
When I use cassandra-cli, set the CL to QUORUM, ensure two instances are up
(nodetool ring) and set a bogus column, I get an Unavailable exception
which is weird.

I just noticed that when the new cluster nodes start up, auto_bootstrap is
set to true. Given that it's no longer in the YAML file, I didn't set it to
false; would that explain it ?

Once I removed it and set logging to TRACE, I get these relevant log lines (line 123) collecting 1 of 2147483647:
a bunch of (line 382) Adding
Removing compacted SSTable files from XXX
No bootstrapping, leaving or moving nodes -> empty pending ranges for XXX
(my KS) (line 317) Initializing XXX.YYY (KS and CF)

Any ideas ?

2013/4/30 aaron morton <>

> Double check the file permissions ?
> Write some data (using cqlsh or cassandra-cli) and flush to make sure the
> new files are created where you expect them to be.
> Cheers
> -----------------
> Aaron Morton
> Freelance Cassandra Consultant
> New Zealand
> @aaronmorton
> On 1/05/2013, at 4:15 AM, Philippe <> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm trying to bring up a copy of an existing 3-node cluster running
> 1.0.8 into a 3-node cluster running 1.0.11.
> > The new cluster has been configured to have the same tokens and the same
> partitioner.
> >
> > Initially, I copied the files in the data directory of each node into
> their corresponding node on the new cluster. When starting the new cluster,
> it didn't pick up the KS & CF.
> > So I remove the directories, created the schema, stopped cassandra and
> copied the data back. None of the SSTables are opened at startup.
> >
> > When I nodetool refresh them, it says "No new SSTables where found for
>  XXX/YYY" where X is my KS and Y is my CF
> >
> > I'm totally stumped: any ideas as to why this is happening ? I've
> checked that there are actual files there and that the permissions are
> correct.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >

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