There is no exact spec on timestamp the convention is micros from epoch but you are free to use anything you want. To update a column you only need a timestamp higher then the original.

On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 1:55 PM, Hiller, Dean <> wrote:
Yes, clients can write timestamps in those versions….I am not sure about the newer versions as I seem to remember reading something on that.


From: William Oberman <<>>
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Date: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 11:37 AM
To: "<>" <<>>
Subject: odd timestamps

I happened to notice some bizarre timestamps coming out of the cassandra-cli.  Example:
[default@XXX] get CF[‘e2b753aa33b13e74e5e803d787b06000'];
=> (column=c35ef420-c37a-11e0-ac88-09b2f4397c6a, value=XXX, timestamp=2013042719)
=> (column=c3845ea0-c37a-11e0-8f6f-09b2f4397c6a, value=XXX, timestamp=2013287771)
=> (column=c3993840-c37a-11e0-a069-09b2f4397c6a, value=XXX timestamp=2013423245)
=> (column=c39a9040-c37a-11e0-8617-09b2f4397c6a, value=XXX, timestamp=2013431971)
Returned 4 results.

I'm used to timestamps being micro from 1970, like this (same CF):
[default@XXX] get CF[‘3a4599767e16e94465e8491139154871'];
=> (column=6c8e3160-4678-11e2-b69a-3534db9e8cfa, value=XXX, timestamp=1355549380581630)
=> (column=6c91f3a0-4678-11e2-bc00-3534db9e8cfa, value=XXX, timestamp=1355549380606285)
=> (column=6c980f00-4678-11e2-9963-3534db9e8cfa, value=XXX, timestamp=1355549380646378)
=> (column=6c994100-4678-11e2-955f-3534db9e8cfa, value=XXX, timestamp=1355549380654057)
=> (column=6c9e7950-4678-11e2-9189-3534db9e8cfa, value=XXX timestamp=1355549380688268)
Returned 5 results.

Was there a version of cassandra that wrote bad timestamps at the server level?  I started around 0.8.4, and I'm running 1.1.2 right now.

Could it have been a client with a bug?  I've only been using phpcassa and the CLI to read/write data (no CQL).

Is there another theory?  I don't _think_ these odd timestamps will cause me problems.  I just don't like unexpected results from my data stores... :-)