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From "Hiller, Dean" <>
Subject Re: lots of extra bytes on disk
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 17:54:59 GMT
Have you cleaned up your snapshotsÅ those take extra space and don't just
go away unless you delete them.


On 3/28/13 11:46 AM, "Ben Chobot" <> wrote:

>Are you also running 1.1.5? I'm wondering (ok hoping) that this might be
>fixed if I upgrade.
>On Mar 28, 2013, at 8:53 AM, Lanny Ripple wrote:
>> We occasionally (twice now on a 40 node cluster over the last 6-8
>>months) see this.  My best guess is that Cassandra can fail to mark an
>>SSTable for cleanup somehow.  Forced GC's or reboots don't clear them
>>out.  We disable thrift and gossip; drain; snapshot; shutdown; clear
>>data/Keyspace/Table/*.db and restore (hard-linking back into place to
>>avoid data transfer) from the just created snapshot; restart.
>> On Mar 28, 2013, at 10:12 AM, Ben Chobot <> wrote:
>>> Some of my cassandra nodes in my 1.1.5 cluster show a large
>>>discrepancy between what cassandra says the SSTables should sum up to,
>>>and what df and du claim exist. During repairs, this is almost always
>>>pretty bad, but post-repair compactions tend to bring those numbers to
>>>within a few percent of each other... usually. Sometimes they remain
>>>much further apart after compactions have finished - for instance, I'm
>>>looking at one node now that claims to have 205GB of SSTables, but
>>>actually has 450GB of files living in that CF's data directory. No
>>>pending compactions, and the most recent compaction for this CF
>>>finished just a few hours ago.
>>> nodetool cleanup has no effect.
>>> What could be causing these extra bytes, and how to get them to go
>>>away? I'm ok with a few extra GB of unexplained data, but an extra
>>>245GB (more than all the data this node is supposed to have!) is a
>>>little extreme.

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