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From Ryan Lowe <>
Subject Repair hangs after Upgrade to VNodes & 1.2.2
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2013 12:26:41 GMT
Has anyone else experienced this?  After upgrading to VNodes, I am having
Repair issues.

If I run `nodetool -h localhost repair`, then it will repair only the first
Keyspace and then hang... I let it go for a week and nothing.

If I run `nodetool -h localhost repair -pr`, then it appears to only repair
the first VNode range, but does do all keyspaces...

I can't find anything in my cassandra logs to point to a problem for either

My work around is to run a repair command independently for my different

nodetool -h localhost repair Keyspace1
nodetool -h localhost repair Keyspace2

But that is silly!

I am using Cassandra 1.2.2


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