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From amulya rattan <>
Subject Re: Cassandra cluster setup issue
Date Sat, 09 Mar 2013 07:34:39 GMT
I just saw that the "failed to connect to 'x.x.x.x:7199' : connection
refused" error for nodetool that I am facing used to exist earlier also,
case in point
I can see this problem resurfacing in Cassandra 1.1.9 on my system. I am
using RHEL 6.0 and 7199 can be seen bound by Cassandra upon netstat. When I
do "telnet x.x.x.x 7199", that works too.

Any pointers please.

2013/3/8 amulya rattan <>

> I have started cassandra on three nodes, however opscenter only shows two
> of them. The missing one is starting properly, with gossip and everything
> else showing no errors. It also has the other nodes as seeds in
> cassandra.yaml, so I am amazed why it doesn't show as part of the ring. I
> have tried restarting it a bunch of times but neither does it throw any
> error, nor it shows as part of the ring
> Another strange thing is that nodetool won't start on any of the nodes. It
> keeps throwing connection refused error. It's not the same usual error one
> faces that starts with "Error connection to remote JMX agent!". It simply
> says connection refused on x.x.x.x:7199. However, I can see the JMX port is
> bound by cassandra on I can use cassandra-cli on 9160 and
> opscenter on 8888, but not jmx port. As last resort, I turned off firewall
> completely, but to no avail.
> I never faced any such errors setting cassandra cluster up in the past, so
> this is completely flabbergasting to me given that the port is bound and
> firewall is off.
> Anybody faced anything similar in the past? Or anybody knows how to solve
> it? All responses appreciated.
> ~Amulya

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