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From Marco Matarazzo <>
Subject CQL3 and counters
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2013 09:28:53 GMT

On this document:

…I read, under UPDATE section, that: 

"The c = c + 3 form of <assignment> is used to increment/decrement counters. The identifier
after the ‘=’ sign must be the same than the one before the ‘=’ sign (Only increment/decrement
is supported on counters, not the assignment of a specific value)."

On C* 1.2.1 I see that the following query works:

   update counters set value=value+5 where owner_id='1' and counter_type='trash';

...while the following one gives an error (Bad Request: Invalid non-counter operation on counter

   update counters set value=5 where owner_id='1' and counter_type='trash';

In C* 1.2.2. the latter started to work. Beside the fact that this is Great(™), is this
something planned and I missed something ? And, more important, wouldn't be a Great(™) idea
to allow direct setting of counters in INSERT too, with the side effect of making COPY FROM
works even for counters table ?

I am about to open a ticket on Jira, but before doing this I want to be sure I didn't miss


Marco Matarazzo
== Hex Keep ==

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  in one hour of play
  than in one year of conversation.” - Plato

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