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From Kanwar Sangha <>
Subject VNodes and nodetool repair
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 22:04:02 GMT
Hi Guys - I have a question on Vnodes and nodetool repair.  If I have configured the nodes
as vnodes, say for example 2 nodes with Rf=2.

Questions -

*        There are some columns set with TTL as X. After X Cassandra will mark them as tombstones.
Is there still a probability of running into DistributedDeletes issue ?  I understand that
"distributeddeletes" is more applicable to application deletes ?

*        Nodetool repair will ask the neighbour node say node 2 to generate the merkle tree.
As I understand, currently the repair introduces  2 compactions. Repairs currently require
2 major compactions: one to validate a column family, and then another to send the disagreeing
ranges. Will this be done over the complete data set in the node 2 ? Or only for the range
as per Vnodes ?

*        How does Cassandra do nodetool repair across Data centres ? Assume RF=1 in DC1 and
RF=1 in DC2 with total RF = 2 across the two DCs.


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