I'd like to release version 1.2.0-1 of Mojo's Cassandra Maven Plugin
to sync up with the 1.2.0 release of Apache Cassandra. (a 1.2.1-1 will follow shortly after this release, but it should be possible to use the xpath://project/build/plugins/plugin/dependencies/dependency override of cassandra-server to use C* releases from the 1.2.x stream now that the link errors have been resolved, so that is less urgent) 

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 [ ] +1 Yeah! fire ahead oh and the blind man on the galloping horse
says it looks fine too.
 [ ] 0 Mehhh! like I care, I don't have any opinions either, I'd
follow somebody else if only I could decide who
 [ ] -1 Nooooo! wait up there I have issues (in general like, ya know,
and being a trouble-maker is only one of them)

The vote is open for 72h and will succeed by lazy consensus.

Guide to testing staged releases:



 In the interest of ensuring (more is) better testing, and as is now tradition for Mojo's Cassandra Maven Plugin, this vote is
also open to any subscribers of the dev and user@cassandra.apache.org
mailing lists that want to test or use this plugin.