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From Haithem Jarraya <>
Subject Long running nodetool repair
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2013 09:29:19 GMT

I am new to Cassandra and I am not sure if this is the normal behavior but
nodetool repair runs for too long even for small dataset per node. As I am
writing I started a nodetool repair last night at 18:41 and now it's 9:18
and it's still running, the size of my data is only ~500mb per node.
We have
3 Node cluster in DC1 with RF 3
1 Node Cluster in DC2 with RF 1
1 Node cluster in DC3 with RF 1

and running Cassandra V1.2.1 with 256 vNodes.

>From cassandra logs I do not see AntiEntropy logs anymore only compaction
Task and FlushWriter.

Is this a normal behaviour of nodetool repair?
Is the running time grow linearly with the size of the data?

Any help or direction will be much appreciated.



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