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From Jabbar <>
Subject remote datacentre consistency
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 22:33:31 GMT
I'm a bit confused about how a two datacentre apache cassandra cluster
keeps the data consistent.

>From what I understand a client application in datacentre1 contacts a
coordinator node which sends the data to the local replicas and it also
sends the updates to the remote coordinator in the remote data centre.

Does the local coordinator send the updates asynchronously to the local
replicas and the remote coordinator node?

What happens if the bandwidth is severely restricted to the remote
datacentre? Do the updates for the remote coordinator keep getting buffered
up in the local coordinator?

What happens if the connection to the remote coordinator is down? Would
hinted hand off be used to recover from this scenario?  What options are
there to synchronise the remote datacentre if the connectivity comes back
after a couple of days?


 A Jabbar Azam

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