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From Fredrik Stigbäck <>
Subject Re: Denormalization
Date Sun, 27 Jan 2013 21:24:22 GMT
I don't have a current use-case. I was just curious how applications
handle and how to think when modelling, since I guess denormalization
might increase the complexity of the application.


2013/1/27 Hiller, Dean <>:
> There is a really a mix of denormalization and normalization.  It really
> depends on specific use-cases.  To get better help on the email list, a
> more specific use case may be appropriate.
> Dean
> On 1/27/13 2:03 PM, "Fredrik Stigbäck" <>
> wrote:
>>Since denormalized data is first-class citizen in Cassandra, how to
>>handle updating denormalized data.
>>E.g. If we have  a USER cf with name, email etc. and denormalize user
>>data into many other CF:s and then
>>update the information about a user (name, email...). What is the best
>>way to handle updating those user data properties
>>which might be spread out over many cf:s and many rows?

Fredrik Larsson Stigbäck
SiteVision AB Vasagatan 10, 107 10 Örebro
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