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From Todd Nine <>
Subject Script to load sstables from v1.0.x to v 1.1.x
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2013 16:41:45 GMT
Hi all,
  I have recently been trying to restore backups from a v1.0.x cluster we
have into a 1.1.7 cluster.  This has not been as trivial as I expected, and
I've had a lot of help from the IRC channel in tackling this problem.  As a
way of saying thanks, I'd like to contribute the updated ruby script I was
originally given for accomplishing this task.  Here it is.

It takes a keyspace directory as the input, then creates symlinks in the
output directory with the 1.1 structure pointing to the 1.0 sstables.  If
you've specified a host, it will then invoke the sstableloader for each of
the Keyspaces and CFs it discovers in the output directory.  I hope this is
helpful to someone else.  I'll keep the gist updated as I update the script.


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