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From DE VITO Dominique <>
Subject property 'disk_access_mode' not found in cassandra.yaml
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2013 14:45:04 GMT

>From time to time, I have seen discussed in ML the 'disk_access_mode' property.

- this property is not mentionned in v1.1 full doc PDF (it's only mentionned under another
name 'DiskAccessMode' => so doing CTRL-F for 'disk_access_mode' finds nothing)
- this property is not in cassandra.yaml (not in v1.1, v1.0, v0.8, V0.7, v0.6, v0.5...), even
into the commented parts.
- the Cassandra wiki does not document it (the search finds nothing).
- the search gives one page result,
for troubleshooting purposes only (but confusingly, this page mentionned only 'DiskAccessMode'
=> so doing CTRL-F for 'disk_access_mode' finds nothing)

What is the status of 'disk_access_mode' property ?

Is the default 'auto' the best possible option so that no one has to worry about it anymore

Or, is it a miss into the Cassandra doc ?



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