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From Manu Zhang <>
Subject Re: Changing rpc_port in cassandra.yaml has no effect
Date Wed, 26 Dec 2012 23:25:23 GMT
assume you're using a *nix system, the command to check which program is
using port 9160:
netstat -anp | grep 9160

On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 5:56 AM, Bob Futrelle <>wrote:

> I have been using cqlsh (and --cql3) successfully for a few weeks.
> But yesterday it stopped working, with the all too familiar,
>      "Connection error: Could not connect to localhost:9160"
> Still got the same message, 9160, after I changed the rpc_port in the yaml
> file to 9161 or 9159.
> I recently installed the Maven plugin in Eclipse, so I thought that might
> be the problem. (My prototyping/research code is so simple that I've used
> Eclipse's builds with no problems for years.  Maven would be overkill.)
> I reread the various Cassandra docs, reinstalled Cassandra
> (apache-cassandra-1.1.7) recreated the var/lib directories, rebooted my
> machine, restarted Eclipse, that's about all I could think of.  Eclipse was
> going to be the next stage for me after various cqlsh experiments, so it
> shouldn't have any effect on the CLI.    I'm no expert on ports and the
> like. I don't do web servers/clients.  My expertise is in the Java/Swing
> systems I build for NLP research.  Now that I'm retired and working from
> home, I can't just walk down the hall and talk with our systems experts.
>   - Bob Futrelle

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