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From Shamim <>
Subject Re: Cassandra V/S Hadoop
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2012 07:31:46 GMT
 Hello Yogesh,
 Actualy you have missunderstand Hadoop.
 Hadoop - it's framework for distributed computing, consist of two main module HDFS and Map
Reduce. Hadoop HDFS is a distributed file system and Map reduce module can help you to parallel
processing of large data sets (batch processing).
 Cassandra - just a Data base as you metioned.

You can use Hadoop with cassandra or Hbase. Hbase or Cassandra will be only data storage for
you, Hadoop Map Reduce can help you to parallel process of your data through pig or hive.
In our case - we are using Cassandra as our data storage and through Hadoop Map Reduce with
Pig we analizing our data. For real time data analysis you can use Storm instead of Hadoop
map reduce.

Best regards

06.12.2012, 21:35, "Yogesh Dhari" <>:

>  Hi all,
>  Hadoop have different file system(HDFS) and Cassandra have different file system(CFS).
>  As Hadoop have great Eco-System (Hive{Dataware House}, Hbase{Data Base} n etc..) and
Cassandra(Database) it self providing its own file system
>  Although  we can run Hadoop's Ecosystem on Cassandra (If I am right ? {like pig and
>  Hadoop have single point of Failure but Cassandra doesn't..
>  Please put some light on both of these where Hadoop overtakes Cassandra an where Cassandra.
>  And in which use cases we go for any them.
>  Thanks & Regards
>  Yogesh Kumar

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