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From Viktor Jevdokimov <>
Subject RE: cassandra vs couchbase benchmark
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2012 10:10:45 GMT
Pure marketing comparing apples to oranges.

Was Cassandra usage optimized?
- What consistency level was used? (fastest reads with ONE)
- Does Cassandra client used was token aware? (make request to appropriate node)
- Was dynamic snitch turned off? (prevent forward request to other replica if can be processed
- Does Cassandra data model was used to mimic Couchbase data model? (Couchbase has only 1
value for 1 row)
- What caching was used on Cassandra? (Couchbase uses memcache built-in)

For our use case we've seen much better results upon testing from single node.
Throughput grows almost linearly adding nodes and growing amount of data to the same level
as for single node.
Single node stats:
- A column family with 30 GiB compressed data per node (100 GiB uncompressed)
- 1 row with 10-30 columns weighted 0.5-2 KiB uncompressed
- 1 node with 6 cores 24 GiB RAM, 8 GiB heap, 1600 MiB new heap
- key cache only, 2M keys
- random reads 70%, random writes 30%
- Read latencies 10ms AVE100 with CPU 95%, 50k reads/s
- Read latencies <5ms AVE100 with CPU 60%, 20k reads/s

In reality, with many column families with different amount of data, read/write rates, performance
results may significantly vary.
Just need to know what and how to optimize for Cassandra to get best results.

Couchbase is not for our use case because of its data model (requires reads for updates/inserts),
so we can't compare it to Cassandra.

Best regards / Pagarbiai

Viktor Jevdokimov
Senior Developer

Phone: +370 5 212 3063
Fax: +370 5 261 0453

J. Jasinskio 16C,
LT-01112 Vilnius,

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