Currently, I'm not sure you can really reduce those dependencies. But we do plan on reducing that ultimately. Basically the reason we have anything thrift related in there is that so far we depends on the full Cassandra jar. However, we'll pull out the classes uses by the native transport in their own jar and once that's done those thrift dependencies will be removed.

As for netty and guava, they are really used by the driver so they are here to stay.

On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 10:23 PM, Jabbar <> wrote:

First of all thanks for the driver. It made my day yesterday :)
I downloaded the source code and built the driver. I have used the driver on a virtual two node cassandra (1.2.0-beta2) cluster. My test application is written in scala 2.1.0 rc2, spray 1.1 m5 and has the following dependencies for the driver

  "org.apache.cassandra"    %   "cassandra-thrift" % "1.2.0-beta2",
  "org.apache.cassandra"    %      "cassandra-clientutil" % "1.2.0-beta2",
  "org.apache.cassandra"    %      "apache-cassandra" % "1.2.0-beta2",
  "org.apache.cassandra"    %      "cassandra-all" % "1.2.0-beta2",
  "io.netty"                 %    "netty"            % "3.5.9.Final",
  ""        %    "guava"            % "12.0",
  "org.apache.thrift"        %    "libthrift"        % "0.7.0"

Can I reduce these dependencies?


 A Jabbar Azam