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From "Hiller, Dean" <>
Subject logging servers? any interesting in one for cassandra?
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2012 14:33:42 GMT
2 questions

 1.  What are people using for logging servers for their web tier logging?
 2.  Would anyone be interested in a new logging server(any programming language) for web
tier to log to your existing cassandra(it uses up disk space in proportion to number of web
servers and just has a rolling window of logs along with a window of threshold dumps)?

Context for second question: I like less systems since it is less maintenance/operations cost
and so yesterday I quickly wrote up some log back appenders which support (SLF4J/log4j/jdk/commons
libraries) and send the logs from our client tier into cassandra.  It is simply a rolling
window of logs so the space used in cassandra is proportional to the amount of web  servers
I have(currently, I have 4 web servers).  I am also thinking about adding warning type logging
such that on warning, the last N logs info and above are flushed along with the warning so
basically two rolling windows.  Then in the GUI, it simply shows the logs and if you click
on a session, it switches to a view with all the logs for that session(no matter which server
since in our cluster the session switches servers on every request since we are stateless….our
session id is in the cookie).

Well, let me know if anyone is interested and would actually use such a thing and if so, we
might create a server around it.


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