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From Sylvain Lebresne <>
Subject Datastax Java Driver
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2012 18:50:53 GMT

We've just open-sourced a new Java driver we have been working on here at
DataStax. This driver is CQL3 only and is built to use the new binary
that will be introduced with Cassandra 1.2. It will thus only work with
Cassandra 1.2 onwards. Currently, it means that testing it requires
1.2.0-beta2. This is also alpha software at this point. You are welcome to
and play with it and we would very much welcome feedback, but be sure that
break, it will. The driver is accessible at:

Today we're open-sourcing the core part of this driver. This main goal of
core module is to handle connections to the Cassandra cluster with all the
features that one would expect. The currently supported features are:
  - Asynchronous: the driver uses the new CQL binary protocol asynchronous
  - Nodes discovery.
  - Configurable load balancing/routing.
  - Transparent fail-over.
  - C* tracing handling.
  - Convenient schema access.
  - Configurable retry policy.

This core module provides a simple low-level API (that works directly with
query strings). We plan to release a higher-level, thin object mapping API
based on top of this core shortly.

Please refer to the project README for more information.

The DataStax Team

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