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From Wei Zhu <>
Subject Re: monitor cassandra 1.1.6 with MX4J
Date Mon, 12 Nov 2012 19:52:38 GMT
In my for 1.1.6, there is no setting regarding mx4j at all. I simply dropped
the mx4j jar to the lib folder and enable jmx from, I can connect to the
default mx4j port 8081 with no problem. 
I guess without the mx4j setting, it uses default port. If youi need to connect using other
port, you might have to add the settings mentioned by Michal, I didn't try it myself though. 


 From: Michal Michalski <>
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 3:37 AM
Subject: Re: monitor cassandra 1.1.6 with MX4J
Hmm... It looks like it wasn't merged at some time (why?), because I can see that appropriate
lines were present in a few branches. I didn't check if it works, but looking at git history
tells me that you could try modifying like this:

Add this somewhere & configure:

# To use mx4j, an HTML interface for JMX, add mx4j-tools.jar to the lib/ directory.
# By default mx4j listens on Uncomment the following lines to control
# its listen address and port.

And then add this:


somewhere in the end of the file where JVM_OPTS is appended.


W dniu 12.11.2012 12:03, Francisco Trujillo Hacha pisze:
> I am trying to monitor a single Cassandra node using:
> But I can't find the variables indicated (url and port) in the
> Where coulde be?
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