Since I was just fiddling around with sst2json: if you have row level deletes you might get problems since row level deletion info is not exported in at least 1.0.

But if you're not using those you might be fine.

Віталій Тимчишин wrote:

I suppose the way is to convert all SST to json, then install previous
version, convert back and load

2012/9/24 Arend-Jan Wijtzes <

    On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 10:13:49AM +1200, aaron morton wrote:
    > No.
    > They use different minor file versions which are not backwards

    Thanks Aaron.

    Is upgradesstables capable of downgrading the files to 1.0.8?
    Looking for a way to make this work.


    > On 18/09/2012, at 11:18 PM, Arend-Jan Wijtzes
    < <>> wrote:
    > > Hi,
    > >
    > > We are running Cassandra 1.1.4 and like to experiment with
    > > Datastax Enterprise which uses 1.0.8. Can we safely downgrade
    > > a production cluster or is it incompatible? Any special steps
    > > involved?

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