I figured out the problem. The DELETE query only works if the column used in the WHERE clause is also the first column used to define the PRIMARY KEY.




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It is better to provide table definition. I guess the reason is below statement. 

" a table must define at least one column that is not part of the PRIMARY KEY as a row exists in Cassandra only if it contains at least one value for one such column "

Please check this document here


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Can you paste the table definition ? 





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I have a column family called “books”, and am trying to delete all rows where the “title” column is equal to “hatchet”. This is the query I am using:

    DELETE FROM books WHERE title = ‘hatchet’;


This query is failing with this error:

    Bad Request: PRIMARY KEY part title found in SET part


I am using Cassandra 1.1 and CQL 3.0. What could be the problem?





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