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From "Hiller, Dean" <>
Subject Re: read-repair and deletes / forgotten deletes
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 18:46:18 GMT
Thanks, (actually new it was configurable) BUT what I don't get is why I
have to run a repair.  IF all nodes became consistent on the delete, it
should not be possible to get a forgotten delete, correct.  The forgotten
delete will only occur if I have a node down and out for 10 days and it
comes back online because by then the nodes no longer have the delete
anymore and the new node has data so getting to a consistent state the
node with data would win.

Soooo, if I run repair say every 20 days, isn't it true, I would have no
problems as long as I did not have a node outage?

And most importantly, does anyone know of an automated tool for running
repairs every X days(this should really be an automated/schedulable


On 10/1/12 11:57 AM, "Aaron Turner" <> wrote:

>the 10 days is actually configurable... look into gc_grace.
>Basically, you always need to run repair once per/gc_grace period.
>You won't see empty/deleted rows go away until they're compacted away.
>On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 6:32 PM, Hiller, Dean <> wrote:
>> I know there is a 10 day limit if you have a node out of the cluster
>>where you better be running read-repair or you end up with forgotten
>>deletes, but what about on a clean cluster with all nodes always
>>available?  Shouldn't the deletes eventually take place or does one have
>>to keep running read-repair manually all the time(god, I hope not as
>>that should be automated for deletes).
>> I am seeing the empty rows in the CLI right now like soŠ(and would
>>prefer they go away on their own)Š
>> RowKey: post:10079376916:b2:4045302966737879216
>> -------------------
>> RowKey: post:10079386137:b2:3120637961487430473
>> -------------------
>> RowKey: post:10079377944:b2:5118918738052923761
>> -------------------
>> RowKey: post:10079378212:b2:1449128414219430571
>> -------------------
>> RowKey: post:10079386010:b2:8567843818586569179
>> If not, someone has to already have an automated project for this,
>>anyone know of one??
>> Thanks,
>> Dean
>Aaron Turner
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