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From Timmy Turner <>
Subject Roadmap/Changelog?
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2012 22:56:11 GMT
Hi everyone,

I wrote a library/extension for Cassandra 0.8 a while back, and would
like to update it to the current version now, however I can't really
find any articles on what has changed in Cassandra. I read the
changelog, but those points are too detailed, and it's hard to
determine what impact they really have on the functionality.

The last things I remember are that CQL v3 was scheduled for 1.1 and
supercoloumns would be removed and replaced by compound columns (and
included in CQL). Has that already happened?

Also it would be interesting to know whether there is any kind of
roadmap for Cassandra for new features or functionality that may be
introduced in upcoming versions, or features that may be removed in
future versions.


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