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From Rene Kochen <>
Subject UnreachableNodes
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 07:45:28 GMT
I have a four node EC2 cluster.

Three machines show via nodetool ring that all machines are UP.
One machine shows via nodetool ring that one machine is DOWN.

If I take a closer to the machine reporting the other machine as down, I
see the following:

- StorageService.UnreachableNodes =
- FailureDetector.SimpleStates: = UP

So gossip is fine. Actually the whole machine is fine. I see in
the logging that there is communication between and the machine
reporting it as down.

How or when is a node removed from the UnreachableNodes list and reported
as UP again via nodetool ring?

I use Cassandra 1.0.11



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