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From Edward Sargisson <>
Subject Re: Nodetool repair, exit code/status?
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 16:46:03 GMT
This is a problem for us as well.
Our current planned approach is to parse the logs for repair errors.
Having nodetool repair return an exit code for some of this failures 
would be *very* useful.


On 12-10-08 06:49 PM, David Daeschler wrote:
> Hello.
> In the process of trying to streamline and provide better reporting
> for various data storage systems, I've realized that although we're
> verifying that nodetool repair runs, we're not verifying that it is
> successful.
> I found a bug relating to the exit code for nodetool repair, where, in
> some situations, there is no way to verify the repair has completed
> successfully:
> Is this still a problem? What is the best way to monitor the final
> status of the repair command to make sure all is well?
> Thank you ahead of time for any info.
> - David


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