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From Fredrik <>
Subject Question regarding hinted handoffs and restoring backup in cluster
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 11:30:09 GMT
When restoring a backup for the entire cluster my understanding is that 
you must shutdown the entire cluster and then restore the backup and 
then start up all nodes again.
But how should I handle hinted handoffs (Hints CF). Since they're stored 
in the system keyspace and according to the docs I only need to restore 
the specific keyspace not the system keyspace.
Won't these hinted handoffs, which isn't based on the backup, be 
delivered and applied as soon as one of the node which they're aimed for 
comes up and thus be applied to the backuped data.
What is the recomended way to handle this situation? Removing the hints 
cf from the system tables before restart of the cluster nodes?


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